Before the Ride

A lot of work goes into preparing for that bolt from the gate. This is a depiction of the events that preclude the excitement at the finish line. The walking, the saddling, the mounting, all set the pace of the race. The horse knows that he is getting ready to run, and his excitement is palpable. The wide eyes and flared nostrils tell you that he is paying attention, and he thrives on the roar of the crowd. He is ready to please his rider and take him over the line first. 

Arlington International Race Course’s saddling paddock was the inspiration 
for the original acrylic and pencil painting that has 
offered up this print.

This print comes numbered in a limited edition of 520.

“Before the Ride” has an outside dimension 15×20 with an image size of 10×15 printed on sturdy rag paper

Your print will be shipped flat. $65