Susan Carson 
18552 Red Shale Hill 
Pekin, Il 61554 

Welcome to Chalk Horse Gallery

Behind me in the photo is one of my favorite drawings of my grandson, Mike, and with this I would like to introduce you to my work. This image of “Mike” was part of my solo show required to complete a Master of Science Degree from Illinois State University, Normal, IL. For this exhibit I did a series of portraits of my terrific family as paintings and drawings, working from photos as if my subjects were sitting beside me in the studio.

In some ways this was a fun subject, but in other ways it was psychologically challenging. Whenever an artist is doing a portrait, there is a unique thought process that connects the creator with the subject.

As you look though my web site, please enjoy the variety. This is what makes doing art so rewarding: the ability to jump from realism to abstraction, the desire to do a mountain or a figure or just playfully swing the brush around the canvas. For me it is color; after all, that brings everything together on the same plane.

You might wonder about the gallery’s name, which is a term from horse racing. “Chalk Horse” means the bettor’s favorite; the horse is my favorite subject. I have had the opportunity to do magazine covers for Illinois Racing News, Backstretch and Appaloosa Journal plus many commissioned paintings of a variety of horses.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Art from ISU and for that degree, I created a life-sized display of racehorses and riders in a saddling paddock scene. They were all acrylic paintings on canvas glued to plywood and cut out, with stands, to appear to be a group of real figures and horses. A 30ft display and a real challenge with a saber saw.

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