Rolex No. 6

Steeplechase competition requires the horse and rider to become one as they take on the obstacles that await them around this course. This horse and rider meet the challenge of number 6, which consists of a mound of dirt and a fence. Muscles bunch and explode as they tackle the jump. 

Supreme concentration is needed in order for both the horse and the rider to successfully navigate the steeplechase course. This tough competition is only for riders and horses who know each other so well that they can anticipate their next move. 

This depiction is a 16×20 oil painting on canvas that has been shadowbox mounted.


Cowboys Forever

No matter how civilized the world becomes, there will always be a place for the cowboy. Cattle will always need to be moved from pasture to pasture, and there will always be fence that needs tended. Not only are cowboys embedded in history, they are a way of life all to themselves. 

No one understands the cowboy like another cowboy. They are nomads and industrious. They work hard and play harder. They have an unspoken connection to the animals they tend, and they understand their horses better than their women. 

These cowboys are coming in from a hard day on this 11×11 acrylic painting collage. This piece is 15×15 when framed.


Horses in History

From the Trojan horse to the Roman statues, the horse has been given a cherished place in history. This animal has been depicted on cave paintings and rock carvings. The horse is a mystery to man and a much needed companion and co-worker. 

The horse is a regaled member of society, and rightfully takes his place in the hearts of little girls and old cowboys. While many cowboys tend their farms by ATV, the horse watches from the distance and calmly eats all the vegetation around him. 

This 11×11 acrylic painting collage on board has captured some of the memorable moments in history that feature the horse. The framed piece measures 15×15.


Rider’s Always Needed

Horses may love to run free, but there is no mistake that there is a bond between horses and people. Since horses have been given a great sense of humor, it is no wonder that the horse appears to relish the idea of tossing a rider into the sky for the sheer fun of it. These bucking horses and runaway scamps have all the advantages in this painting. 

This acrylic on board painting depicts the fun that horses have at the expense of those who try to ride them. Just look into the eyes of horse; you know they are smirking. Even the pink background expresses joy. 

This acrylic on board painting is 11×11 with a finished dimension of 15×15 when framed.


I’m Going Home; This Work’s Too Hard 

Cattle drives and roundups are hard work. Maybe things have changed since the cowboys started doing a lot of their ranch work on ATVs, but there are still a few that use their horses to move their herds from pasture to pasture. The bond between the cowboy and his horse is the key to a successful roundup. 

The dust flies, mud is slung and horses get tired and cranky. All of this hard work is the life of a cowboy. It is no wonder that this cowboy is ready to take his dusty boots and tired behind back to a big dinner and a cold drink.  

He is painted on a 11×11 board in acrylic and collage form. When framed, he is 15×15.


Onto the Track

Horse racing is an exciting event for both the spectators and the jockeys. This jockey is coaxing his Thoroughbred to the starting gate by talking softly to him and nudging him with his voice. The horse knows that the race depends upon him, but he also understands that they must work together. He also knows that it feels great to stretch his legs and do what he was born to do, and that is compete for the win.

You can smell the hot summer sun on the dirt and hear the movement of the crowd as they clutch the race program in their warm hands. All their attention and money is on the horses coming to the post. Will our beloved number 6 win? 

This moment of anticipation is captured in this 14 1/2x 19 1/2 acrylic painting on board that has been framed.


Baby Mustang

There is nothing like the love of a mother, and this baby mustang is happily enjoying his mother’s attention. He appears ready to bolt and race around the pasture one more time before flopping down on the ground breathing hard. This oil painting would look wonderful in your living room or cabin.

12” X 12” 
Shadowbox Framed